Difference between audio transcription and recording

In this article we deal with the difference between audio transcription and recording, and also the linking of these letters with other related terms, such as text (version), shorthand and shorthand.

Defining the concepts
We have observed that, on many websites, the concept of audio transcription is confused with that of recording .

Audio transcription has a simpler concept, as it is the transposition of spoken text to written text. But, as regards the recording, there are many conceptual controversies.

According to the Dictionary of Shorthand Vocabulary, by Waldir Cury (2010), “Degravar is shorthand and translate recording content” and “Degravation is the action corresponding to shorthand recording using recorded audio”. In this concept, the author related the recording to the shorthand.
Anyway, what is the difference between audio transcription and recording?
The fact is that a transcript can only be called overwriting when it has the following two characteristics:

1) the material is for legal purposes;

2) the text is ipsis verbis , that is, it must be reliable to speech and everything must be transcribed exactly as it is in the audio. It is considered not only the information that the person gives, but also how he passes it on (with errors of agreement, regency, hesitation).

In other words, in a recording, the text becomes more subordinate to the pattern of orality (it is not always fluid), with the purpose of passing on not only the information, but also the context of how that information was passed; and in an audio transcription the transcriber can make slight adaptations so that the text becomes more natural and aligned with the rules of writing, replacing words and even eliminating some expressions.

Some say that the recording is different from the audio transcription because a recording can only be called if it is performed by a public servant. Therefore, for those who think in this way, a recording would be the same thing as a transcript, with the only difference of having been made by a public servant, who would add “public faith”, that is, the transcribed material would be recognized as a legitimate and unsuspected document.

However, experts from https://payforessay.pro/ saying that when it comes to the quality of a recording, it is not enough to be a public servant to have the technical knowledge that distinguishes you from good transcribers who often have a master’s or doctorate in linguistics, a degree in letters or a bachelor’s degree in other sciences.

In our own experience, we can say that it is not always that the recordings are carried out by public servants. Sometimes this service is outsourced. We do recordings ourselves very often.

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